Avocet Brand Review [Trusted?]

I haven’t seen an Avocet computer in awhile, but occasionally, we’ll see one come through the shop. More often than not, they have stopped working, but, ten years ago, it was easy to get them going again with a new battery and a little scrubbing of their electrical connections.


I think we are finally hitting the end of an era with these computers.


Best I can tell, Avocet has mostly gone out of business. You see a lot of similarity between their computer designs and the <a href=”/”>Vetta or the Sigma Sport</a>, so I have to imagine that they were just ordering products from other manufacturers and putting their label on it. (what company doesn’t do that?)


One of the fun aspects of the Avocet is that they use to make them in the Celeste Bianchi green color so they would match the Bianchi brand color. A rather fun marketing ploy, if you ask me.


<strong>Their <a href=”http://www.avocet.com/index.htm”>website is still active </a>and you can use it to access <a href=”http://www.avocet.com/instrpdfs/pdffiles.html”>many of the old manuals</a>.</strong>


It is a pity we don’t see more of their stuff sold online. They also had a robust line of Vertech computers they sold to support the Skiing industry.


Thankfully for the cyclist, there are many options to choose from including GPS-enabled systems and Cateye computers.


If you do find one online, it may not be worthwhile to purchase it. Customer support is likely to be minimal and, starting in the early 2000’s the reviews on these units tended to be more negative.


So, while many people remember the brand fondly from the late 70’s and mid 80’s, the quality seemed to have suffered in the final years of the business.


Nostalgia aside, the bike speedometers available today are every bit as good as the old Avocet’s — if not more so.