Premier Sigma BC16.12 STS Cadence Wireless Review

Sigma Sports specializes in making a wide range of outdoor equipment for cyclists, campers, and hikers. Everything from headlamps to heart rate monitors is created by Sigma for the active outdoorsman.

Unless you are inside the industry, you’ve never heard of these guys. However, they are a trusted name inside the industry, and they make a wide range of items that are designed to last (and seem to hold up well) over time.

The key with cadence is that a high cadence can remove dangerous pressure from your knees and give push some of the load of cycling from your legs over to your cardiovascular system, enabling you to ride longer with less fatigue.

It is critical skill development for every serious athlete.

Bike computers with cadence are notoriously expensive. There are two reasons for this. First of all, these devices take additional programming and do not sell as well as normal cyclometers.

Secondly, these devices have to send and receive the signal over the entire length of the bicycle. There is a lot of opportunity for the signal to be interrupted over that distance. To counter this problem, more robust equipment is needed to compensate.

One of the neat features of the BC16.12 that is not found on most other cadence computers is that it measures average cadence in addition to your current cadence. Sure, it is easy to look down at the screen and spot check your rpms. However, the average cadence provides a more honest assessment of how you are performing. It is data that can be tracked ride over ride to improve your performance.

The other neat feature is that it can be connected to a laptop with the additional dock. This can make setup easier (no more pushing small buttons endlessly) and also provide an easy way to upload your rides to the computer for tracking.

In fact, if you upgrade to the 16.16 — a newer model — it has NFC which enables you to connect it to your android by simply holding it next to your phone. This can make it easy to upload your rides to your phone as you simply hold your phone against the computer at the end of each ride. Keep in mind that with the 16.16 you have to buy the cadence sensor separately.

One of the nice features of this computer is that it is water resistant so you can wash your bike without having to remove the computer or cadence sensor. Now, I would remove the computer because it is so easy to do. But it is nice that you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. They also use a rubber band for the cadence sensor, so it is easy to remove.

There is also a backlight on this. There aren’t many cases (hopefully) where you will need this, but, on those evening rides the backlight is a nice feature for checking the time.

Overall the Sigma is an excellent departure from the Cateye and a more reliable brand than many of those new imported computers you see coming over from Taiwan and China.